Best Universities​ in Malaysia

UPM University is one of the best Malaysian universities, has many fields and is located in Serdang, Kuala Lumpur. Ranked 132 according to the QS Worldwide Ranking for 2021.
Monash University is an Australian university with a main campus in Australia, and it has 4 other campuses in Malaysia, South Africa, China and Italy.
UTM University is among the world’s 50 best universities in engineering according to QS Worldwide Ranking for 2021, and its overall ranked 187 according to QS Worldwide Ranking for 2021.
UM is one of the oldest Malaysian universities and one of the best in Asia, Ranked 59th in the world according to QS Worldwide Ranking for 2021
MAHSA University is considered one of the best medical universities in Malaysia. It has partnerships with British universities, such as Anglia Ruskin University and the University of East London.
Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation is one of the leading private universities in Malaysia, with a unique blend of technology, innovation and creativity.
MMU is well known for the new fields that are in demand in the job market, such as computer science, multimedia, animation, robotics engineering, and nanotechnology engineering.