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Track experts are a group of people who graduated from the best Malaysian universities and have 7 years of experience in the field of educational services. They have won the trust and satisfaction of students and parents with an evaluation of 100% on the level of services provided to them.

Why study in Malaysia?

Malaysia is a tropical Muslim-majority country in Southeast Asia where its citizens live in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious environment. With a population of over 30 million, English is widely spoken, communication within the city and on campus is easy.
Malaysia is one of the best study destinations currently, due to the high-quality education and international standards offered by Malaysian universities, and in 2021 Malaysia included 35 of the top 600 universities in the world according to the rankings of the QS website.
Malaysia enjoys a dynamic life and stunning scenery with beaches lining its coast and its rainforests rich in biodiversity offering many adventures and discoveries.

Our Services


Education Consultancy and Admission Help

Track team provides the student with a service of assistance in choosing a university major according to the needs of the market and the modern era, and clarification of all the requirements to reserve a seat in the best Malaysian universities and obtain the offer letter from the university in a short time. 


Visa Procedures

After obtaining acceptance from the university, Our team completes the entire visa procedures for the student with the Immigration Department and follows up the student’s file step by step until it is completely completed


Accommodation Help

Providing accommodation inside or outside the university as the student desired.

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Airport Pick-Up

Track provides a service to pick up students from the airport, take them to their residence, provide them with a SIM card, and tour the city in which the university is located.


Health Insurance

Finishing the medical examination procedures and submitting them to the university with the required documents.


University registration

This service includes accompanying the student to the university to complete the final registration procedures and fulfill all the requirements necessary to start studying.


Providing support and assistance

Cooperating with the student during his study period when advice or assistance is needed and providing him with full support until the completion of the study and graduation with success.


Internship Assistance

We help students to get internship opportunities in the best Malaysian companies.

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