Eng. Khaled

Eng. Khaled


Years of Experience

Years living in Malayisa

Eng. Khaled has more than 30 years of experience in business management and business development in top-notch IT solutions. He has experience in different IT sectors like Healthcare, Education, and AI. He worked and managed multinational companies with a footprint in more than 40 countries worldwide and CEO of a Malaysian company in the IT sector since 2015.

Professional Experience

2015 - Now

CEO and Executive Director

● Opening new markets for Mobile Health solutions.

● Seeking Technology transformation and share knowledge between The Middle East and the Far East (Malaysia centered) in The IT field.

2003 - 2015

CEO and Executive Manager

– Managing and Coaching more than 35 Employees in different layers of hierarchy and different departments (Development, Design, Marketing, Sales, Accounting ….etc)

– Full responsibility to achieve company goals in all aspects.

● Team building.

● Team development, training and coaching.

● Powerful marketing strategies and activities.

● Up to date developed solutions.

● Optimization of costs.

● Maximization of efficiency of Employees.

● Customer satisfaction.

● Maintaining revenue streams and cash flow.

1995 - 2002

Service Engineer

● Installation, maintenance & troubleshooting on medical equipment & accessories.

● Installation, maintenance & troubleshooting on Kodak cameras, Workstations, Silicon graphics computers….etc.

● Networking between CT systems and other accessories.

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