Dr. Amr

Dr. Amr


Years of Experience

Years living in Malayisa

Dr. Amr has 14 years of experience in entrepreneurship and he established two companies in Malaysia in the entrepreneurship and educational training field. He has experience in Strategy & Entrepreneurship, Marketing management & growth hacking, and Business Planning & Market research.

Professional Experience

2016- now


Filed of Entrepreneurship

– provide a world-class professional consulting experience for SME’s.

– Strategy & Entrepreneurship.

– Marketing management & growth hacking.

– Business planning & Market research.

2019- now


Filed of Educational Training

– Administration subjects and disciplines.

– Director of of an integrated education platform for education.

2014- 2016

Marketing Director

Speak to Dr. Amr If you will start your business and need help with business plans. And test the integrity of the project in the target market. Assist in the management of companies in the various stages of growth and industry companies..

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